Post image for Senate scrutinizes supplements – hazards found

When you shop for a good supplement you expect a clean product right?  Think again.  In a recent study completed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on 40 major herbal dietary supplement products tested showed 37 contained trace amounts of at least 1 potentially hazardous contaminant (such as lead, mercury, or arsenic), although none of them in amounts […]


Post image for Higher vitamin E intake tied to lower dementia risk

(Reuters Health) – Older adults who get plenty of vitamin E in their diets may have a somewhat lower risk of developing dementia than those who consume less of the nutrient, a study published Monday suggests.
Researchers found that among 5,400 Dutch adults age 55 and older, the one-third who reported the highest vitamin E intake […]


Post image for Brain diseases linked to nerve cell junction defects

By Kate Kelland
LONDON, July 5 (Reuters) – More than 135 brain diseases including autism, chronic pain, schizophrenia and dementia are linked to defects in proteins in the junctions between nerve cells, scientists have found.
Researchers have been able for the first time to map the protein structure of human synapses, the junctions between nerve cells responsible […]