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Cutting edge science products – ProArgi-9+, Mistica, Elemence Skin Care

Here at HealthTechMall.com we feature products that can make  a real difference in your life.  All our products are supplied by Synergy Worldwide, a multi-national world-wide company.  Synergy Worldwide is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine.

Only the best ingredients are used in our formulations and careful research is put into each and every product.  Every supplement is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility (high than required by law) and but through rigorous test for efficacy and purity.  Strict standards for quality allow us to offer an unconditional 120-day money back guarantee on all our products.  If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact our customer service department for a full refund of your product purchase, used or not.

Our quality assurance is top notch and our facilities proudly carry industry certifications from DSA and NSF.  Other supplement manufactures might claim to have quality facilities.  For us, it’s simply the truth. Read more here…

Our most popular product is ProArgi-9+.  Formulated with major contributions from Dr. Joe Predergast, a well respected doctor who developed early versions of the product out his own need to battle severe heart disease at a younger than usual age.  His personal pursuits for a successful treatment coupled with Nobel Prize winning research into l-arginine in 1998 has made ProArgi-9+ possible today.

In part due to his use of l-arginine in his clinic, Dr. Joe has a remarkable record of less than 1% patient hospital admissions in 19 years including heart attack or stroke. He has received many awards including “Father of the Year” in 2008 from the American Diabetes Association and the Father’s Day Council of Silicon Valley and a Certificate of Recognition in 2005 from the American Medical Association for demonstrating outstanding commitment to eliminating health care disparities in the area of access.

Dr. Joe Predergast and L-Arginine Complex ProArgi-9 Plus

This amazing product was validated in a clinical trial involving severe heart disease patients at the High Desert Heart Institute in California.  The general Proargi-9+ study results are posted here. You can also read an overview of the study findings that includes individual results from taking ProArgi-9+ here.

We also have other amazing products that work hand in hand with Proargi-9 Plus in a system called V3 Synergy.  They include:

V3 Synergy - Proargi9, Mistca and Core Greens

ProArgi-9+ – The only clinically proven l-arginine supplement effective against heart disease in the world

Mistca – the most potent Brazilian acai juice berry blend on the market today

Core Greens -a diverse blend of all the greens your mother told you should eat including phytonutrients, antioxidants, chlorophyll, Green Fusion Technology.

These three products are the foundation of a positive natural regimen that help you Build – Boost – Circulate your way to a healthier life.  Read more here…

Skin Care

Elemence Skin CareWe also have a cutting edge skin care line that is truly amazing.  We have products that can firm, smooth and restore your skins natural balance with technology that no one else can match.

Radiant, luminous skin is a sign of good health and youthful vigor. Elemence Cleansing Gel, Hydrating Toner, Bright Renewal Serum, Repair Complex, and Moisturizing Cream provide everything you need to protect your skin from the ravages of time and help renew a troubled appearance.

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