L-Arginine After a Heart Attack

April 29, 2010

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My experience is totally opposite with a similar group of patients. We raise the l-arginine and deal with side effects. Diabetes and metabolic control is measured in proved to be meet National targets. Our l-arginine is of the best quality and is a mix of ingredients to sustain time of action as insisted by the Nobel Laureates who achieved their award for the vascular power of l-arginine in 1998.

The cardiologists in Academia most frequently will never use a product such as ProArgi-9 Plus that is designed to include all ingredients necessary sustain the action of l-arginine 24 hours and more. The Academics’ such as Stanford’s John Cook are investigating the l-arginine’s action alone which is for about an hour.

As we develop the data that confirms the strength of ProArgi9 plus in reversing cardiovascular disease and publish it continuously, all these spurious Acdecemic inconsistencies will disappear. It will be your data, not the doctors’. It will encompass all aspects of the product that leaps from the Nobel Prize technology on disease to maintenance of health. It will be of a magnitude the likes of which the world has never seen.

There will be many more poorly done studies that seem to portray the dangers of l-arginine. Don’t go there. Every moment wasted locking back prevents us from moving forward. The physiology of health is exploding; Synergy and all of you are leading the way. There is a lot to do and you are the ones doing it. Try to imagine a world without coronary artery disease, hypertension, and stroke.

We will have the data. We will have the ethnic origins and soon even the genes to tailor the path to health. This is the most exciting phenomenon happening in the world today.

It’s your time,

Dr. Joe Prendergast

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