Antioxidants can help diabetes, metabolic syndrome study finds

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October 28, 2010

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Although the beneficial effects of antioxidants have been well established, a recent study has now shed light on how antioxidants improve hormonal action in obese individuals with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of metabolic risk factors including problems with blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, abdominal fat and more. Metabolic syndrome significantly increases a person’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and early death. It has long been recognized that metabolic syndrome primarily occurs in people who are overweight and obese.

Recent research reveals the mechanism whereby antioxidants are helpful for people with metabolic syndrome. Antioxidants have been demonstrated to improve insulin sensitivity, therefore making the individual more receptive to the benefits of insulin. In metabolic syndrome, most individuals are insulin resistant; therefore anything that naturally improves and enhances insulin sensitivity is welcomed.

Researchers concluded that increasing antioxidant levels in people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome is a valuable tool in their disease management.

Researchers studied both men and women, ages 18-66 years of age, who were obese and insulin resistant. They placed them on similar diets, however one group was given additional antioxidants. It was noted that the individuals receiving antioxidants had a significant decrease in insulin resistance and improvement in insulin response.

Researchers concluded that increasing antioxidant levels in people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome is a valuable tool in their disease management. Antioxidants are traditionally found in fruits and vegetables, and certainly dietary guidelines are encouraged, however supplements of antioxidants should not be overlooked.

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